What is Caller ID Spoofing?
Phone Gangster allows you to fake the caller id when calling another party. Upon calling a person, you will get to choose what number you want to appear as. Best of all, there is no way the party can find out what phone number the call originated from because their phone records will display the altered number. Our service is not only fun and useful, but it is legal as well. We have tested and confirmed our caller id spoofing service works in the USA and Canada. Purchase an instant phone card from us today!
  How does Phone Gangster work?
To start, no charges will ever be billed to your phone. You simply buy one of our prepaid cards of your choice, call our toll free phone number, and enter your PIN that we assign you. Our service works very similar to a calling card. When using our service, you simply just enter the person's phone number you want to call and the caller id number you want to be displayed as. You will then be connected instantly. We have been seen on both CNN and FOX News. Lastly, free call recording and free voice changer come with your minutes!